The monastery is best known for the production of completely natural preparations under the protected brand name Stefalaz. In 1989, the monastery begun publishing activity and has since published fourteen titles. There is an active icon-painting workshop, and nuns also manufacture prayer ropes, ceramic icons and cork floats for oil lamps. The sewing workshop for making monastic garments, liturgical vestments and garments for churches’ interiors is also active. The sisters cultivate the land on which they grow organic food for their personal consumption. They also raise and farm fish in two ponds.


Stefalaz natural products


The Celija Piperska Monastery is best known by production of Balm under protected name Stefalaz. The recipe for this Balm is old and we inherited it from our spiritual Father, of blessed memory, Archimandrite Lazar, The Abbot of the Ostrog Monastery. The Balm contains about twenty types of herbs prepared in the healing water from the famous monastery spring called God Mother’s water, incense, natural wax and olive oil. It was produced for the monastery needs for years, but since 2005 it has been sold in the free sale. As a fat phase of tea containing liposoluble active components, the Balm is beneficial for all types of wounds especially for those where inflammation has occurred or healing takes time. It has shown excellent treatment relating to following illnesses: sinusitis, arthritis, decubitus, conjunctivitis, gangrene, Herpes Zoster, varicose veins, psoriasis, problematic skin prone to acne.


Using suitable pharmaceutical procedure, hydro phase of tea has been jellied. The result of this procedure is Gel, which contains hydrosoluble active components. In the combination with the Balm, the complete treatment of all herbs contained in tea composition is reached. It is cosmetic preparation, excellent for thorough cleaning and feeding face skin and treatment of problematic skin prone to acne as well as healthy one. It is good as a compress for swollen and tired legs.


Hydrosoluble phase is contained in Lotion too. The Lotion is suitable for cleaning of all skin types and beneficial against dandruff and seborrheic dermatitis. Moisturizing Cream is a special ecological product hand-made of highest quality without preservatives, artificial colors and fragrances. It is intended for face skin, neck and hands.


Saint John’s Wort Oil widely known by its beneficial effects relating to skin treatment especially burned one. In order to retain its characteristics, it is produced in glass bottles and conserved with rosemary springs. The herbs are of controled origins and supervised by experts.


All STEFALAZ products are handmade with natural and organic ingredients.


The invaluable support and guidance in the production of the herbal preparations is Sc.D. Dragica Bojovic, MPharm, who specializes in medicinal plants. She oversees and conducts the quality inspection of the herbs and other compounds used in the preparation of the Balm, as well as the quality control of finished products. At the First Congress of Pharmacists of Montenegro in Becici, in 2011, she presented our Balm as sterile preparation not produced in sterile conditions. She also named the Balm and subsequently the entire STEFALAZ collection after Saint Stefan of Piperi, whose relics repose in our monastery church, and Father Lazar, who was our (and her) spiritual father. Ms. Bojovic manages the monastery store in Podgorica which sells herbs and herbal preparations called “Saint Basil of Ostrog Monastery Balms and Herbs”. The quality of our products is controlled by the Institute for the Public Health of the City of Podgorica.


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Icon-painting workshop


With the arrival of Father Lazar and the establishment of the monastic community, the icon-painting workshop in Piperi came to be as a result of the rebirth of the monastery, both in the material and spiritual sense.


A particularly significant example of the work of our Sisters is the new iconostasis in the Church of the Nativity of the Mother of God in the Piperi monastery, as well as the iconostases in the churches and chapels of the Jovan Do skete.


The excellent work and accomplishments of Tamara Cvetkovna (icons) and hieroschemamonk David Miseljic (icon covers) do great credit to our Icon Workshop.


The icon on the left side of the central apse of the Piperi monastery church is a collaborative work of iconographer Fr. Lazar Stojkovic (Abbot of the Monastery Zagradje) and Fr. David Miseljic (icon covers and ornamentation), and bears the name the Theotokos of Piperi.


Today, the sisters continue to apply themselves to the study of this art form with assistance of iconographer Milica Perunicic, The focus of the study is the work of some of the most notable Byzantine masters from the 12th -14th century.

Ceramic icons


Cork floats for oil lamps


Organic food