We expanded the STEFALAZ assortment to include the cream intended for the care and protection of all skin types. It is made using the ancient pharmaceutical process. It abounds in all ingredients necessary to your skin: lipids, waxes, oils, biostimulants and regenerators (vitamins A, D, and E, collagen, and emollients) in combination with medicinal plants that ensure proper moisture levels in your skin, leaving it healthy and beautiful.

It can be used in the daily treatment of normal, dry and dehydrated skin. It is beneficial for oily skin. Just apply once a day by gently rubbing on the face, neck and hands.

You can take complete care of your skin by proper use of STEFALAZ preparations: Lotion – ideal for cleansing all types of face and body skin; Mask (Gel) – for effective deep skin cleansing; Balm – a solution against skin aging and winter protection for very dry skin; a nourishing Hydrating Cream for everyday use.

Store in dark and cold conditions. Expiration date best before 18 months.